Caught On The Street

by stephenpham

photos by Ben

*Urban Outfitters tank
*Vintage belt
*Zara shorts & shoes
*Patrik Ervell jacket

photo by ben

Apologies for the late post! Been enjoying the summer that’s finally here in the city which is a fine enough reason to ignore my blog or so I think. Here’s a picture taken by Ben of VanStreet – thought I’d post it up. Kind of caught me off guard when Ben approached me and asked to take a photo of my outfit. I was just taking a fifteen minute breather outside of the store when he approached me. I obviously don’t dress any different from my work life. It was also the first day I wore my new Patrik Ervell jacket out. Got it for 70% off, what a steal! It’s a ladies baseball jacket – the body is cotton, the collar, base and cuff are silk. I’m also loving the japanese-esque dragonfly print. You’ll see it again in a later post I’m sure!