Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012

by stephenpham

There’s so much that I want yet we’ll see what I could get my hands on from the men’s pre-fall 2012 collection. I’m usually so picky with graphics and prints on tee’s but I don’t think anyone can deny how amazing the line has become and what we’ve been seeing in the last few seasons from Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci. From the leopard prints, rottweiler, panthers, birds of paradise and now sharks! It’s definitely drool worthy. There’s one sweater that wasn’t shown in the lookbook and that’s a black crew neck sweater with a huge shark face on it that I love. This collection is making me go crazy! I want! I want! I want! Every season the collection is shown with guys wearing skirts/kilts – is it realistic or not? Whatever and however everyone feels about it, I like the push in boundary.