Gone In Sixty Seconds (Not)

by stephenpham

photos by stephen galka

photos by stephen galka

*Urban Outfitters shirt
*Forever21 jeans
*NSF jacket
*Givenchy bag
*S***R shoes

Crazy little day the other day. I hate having to try popping by two places and try to meet friends for dinner after. Let’s just say that didn’t work out very well. I totally didn’t make it to my dinner but saw some pretty great people out there Thursday night. I got off work half past six (was hoping to escape from work by at least six) went to “H&M Get’s Style Struck” event. Bumped into the lovely M’c kenneth of LittleFashionisto, always looking great and perfectly styled. Actually my purpose of popping in was to see Emily Scarlett, PR Manager for H&M Canada, to drop off an illustration that has been long over due! I’ll be posting that up in a few days! Met up with my friend Daniel inside and rumaged through a few things then ran off to M0851’s Customer Appreciation Event. I completely missed out on seeing one of my favourite girls, Mitzi Figueroa. We’ll have to do lunch or dinner instead! Other than that I came at a good time because it wasn’t as jam packed in the store like it was a few minutes before which was great. Being side by side to people can get pretty crazy sometimes so it was great to be able to actually shop around. Had a glass of bubbly, I’m not going to lie – fed myself three mini cupcakes because I was clearly starving and it was just in general great to see the fabulous Kimberly, Raymond and Buddy at the store. After all the “Hi’s” and “Bye’s” I finally got to stuff my face with real food!