Robert Geller Spring 2012

by stephenpham

photos by stephen galkaphotos by stephen galkaphotos by stephen galka

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Robert Geller never seems to ever disappoint! One of my favourite designers out there, though I do miss the days when he was designing for Cloak but still has that same feeling to it now, always stays in a colour story that I always love. Incorporating shades of grey, with the obvious black and white; Robert Geller always has that punch of colour in which this season was yellow and blue. This collection also showed probably the best silhouettes for any mens collection out there. Playing well to proportions with the baggy to slim idea in which I usually like to play around with. From the slim leather pants – which triggers my memory of Ross Geller, pleated trousers, knickers, shorts that seem to a-line and tapered trousers all properly styled with fun costume jewellery, top hats with brims that are sure to shade your face and draped, half belted scarves. Also I’m a complete sucker for two-tone anything! This collection was no doubt on my top five favourites for mens Spring 2012. I mean, who would’ve thought a sleeveless hoodie could look down the runway? I mean really, good job Robert!