Here’s The Scoop

by stephenpham

photos by stephen galka

*Gap t-shirt
*H&M pants
*Zara jacket
*Amaly necklace
*Talula Babaton toque
*Obakki bag
*Blanc + Noir boots

photos by stephen galka

Every season I like to add a new pop of colour in my ever so monotone closet of mine. So this fall/winter I decided to accept a colour from the red family; maroon! Nothing too major of course or overly exciting but subtle enough. In my buy of things, my maroon pieces now consist of an oversize t-shirt, a pair of trousers, a sweater striped with maroon and a toque. I don’t like going too crazy but I don’t think it’ll get too tiresome either. I have a feeling next spring, my prediction of likings might be adding yellow to my wardrobe! We’ll see.

So I had to get a new set of toques in my closet due to the fact that my old ones are now pilling like crazy. A simple solution would be buying a little hand-held machine that eats the pills away but knowing me, it just gave me a new reason to buy new toques. I’m usually somewhat picky about my toques, only because I like them to fit and fall a certain way. I don’t usually wear the tight cap fit styles only because it feels like something is suffocating my head or eating my brains; I couldn’t decide but either or I like wearing my toques baggy. I found this lovely number at Aritzia, it’s by one of their house labels Talula Babaton. It goes for $55CA and has the perfect blend of materials – no it isn’t acrylic. It’s made up of 80% merino wool and 20% cashmere which for the price is absolutely amazing. I did a guy thing and bought three in different colours; a charcoal grey, heather grey and the maroon.