Lost In Vegas

by stephenpham


Oh my god, Yes! There are tons more pictures! Did you guys think that was it for my vacation?! Yeah, right. Here’s another bombardment of photos!

You know it’s horribly amusing to wake up with your friends. Especially when it’s a bunch of chicks that you love and they don’t got their faces on! Make-up free and all, yet still all rowdy because it’s a vacation. Our day three plan was again, to utilize the pool. It was extra hot and sunny that day so we had no excuse not to go to the pool. This time we brought our phones to keep track of time because we had to squeeze in that good ol’ tourist part of the trip and we didn’t want to get burnt. What was for breakfast again? Draaaaanks! Of course, this time the girls tried keeping themselves under the shade but we still had a good time. After the pool we toodled to our room, showered, got dressed and wandered out. Our plan? When your with Shelley on vacation, apparently you can’t skip out on a buffet because girlfriend out eats me. Actually, all the girls did! Though while waiting in line for the buffet at Rio, we met three very friendly folks, a couple from California, Tonee and Ricardo alongside them was Tonees’ cousin, Anthony who was from Texas. I’ve never met a Texan in my entire life and the guy was seriously friendly, funny, nice and some what drunk half the time I knew him. Good people, nevertheless! After eating plates and plates of food we worked it off with some shopping. After some decisions, Jasmeen made some lovely plans for us to go party it up that night with the three we had met earlier from the buffet. But before all that was going to on, it took the girls forever to get ready and I had the shittiest outfits to go out in so I just borrowed Shelley’s blazer to party in. After some serious ironing of Anas dress that didn’t work out and what everyone should wear, two hours later (I’m pretty sure) we were ready.


Where did we end up wandering to? Blush at Wynn which wasn’t very exciting but had pretty lanterns that would light up different colours and the music was pretty good. After some drinks we decided maybe we should wander to Surrender and heeeey we had a lot more fun there. The place was seriously pretty; it had a huge pool in the middle, with white couches to sit on (not really) in the pool and runways to walk on to get across. At the back was a bar with gambling tables, palm trees everywhere with hussie poles to dance on (note to girls who to Vegas: Don’t swing on poles if you can’t look sexy on it and if your dress is too tight/short that it’s going to ride up with one spin, don’t do it because your sweaty buttcheaks in butt floss was so not pretty!) Oh, there were also white couches all over the place, separate pools that were warm with waterfall features. It was just in general pretty, oh and it was an open roof. Quite a few things went down there but we won’t mention it, it’s all good laughs now. After “rolling” out of Surrender we stumbled along the strip to eat at Denny’s, of all places! Ricardo and Anthony didn’t have the patience to wait so tipped the host to seat us first. Let’s just say some other party’s weren’t too impressed and were pretty pissed but oh well. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles! After dinner it was lovely to see the sunrise then knocking out.

The next day was somewhat sad, knowing it was our last day in Vegas. Ana and I decided to do what we wanted to do and that was actually go shopping. We strolled Fashion Show Mall and the Forum Shops. Love, love, love the Forum Shops. We also have a new love, Reed Krakoff. With his amazing accessories line and one of two free-standing stores at The Forum Shops, Ana made a little purchase of a clutch that definitely screamed “ANA!” We also took a peek at Saks Fifth Avenue, which wasn’t overly exciting and Neiman Marcus where I made my ultimate souvenir purchase, a Givenchy bag. You’ll see it in the next post!

I think the biggest thing that mattered most about this trip was the fact that I could spend four days with people who I dearly cherish and love. Yeah, one of the biggest reasons why we went was the fact that it was Ana’s birthday weekend/trip and in the end it was totally worth it. If I could, I would replay the four days over and over and over again. It made the bonds between all of us so much stronger and knowing that, spending four days with each other in one room won’t drive us to kill each other. I will never forget all the laughter we had, the smiles we shared and moments where you would never share with others, we did with each other. Seeing your friends without make-up on or dolled up and just seeing them for who they are was really a moment to cherish. It sounds ridiculous but I would never let anyone see me trot around in pajamas or some crap like that. I’ve always felt close to these girls but now it’s even a stronger friendship. I know they’ll have my back always and I have theirs. Jenn and Tamara were definitely in our thoughts a lot. We wished they were physically there but they were there in our hearts. Ana, Jasmeen, Julie, Shelley, Jenn and Tamara; the seven of us make a good team. You girls give me permanent smiles all the time and make me belch out the loudest of laughters. I love you Bitches!