Viva Las Vegas!

by stephenpham

Yes! I’m finally going to post photos from my lovely vacation with my girls! As I have already warned, I was going to bombard my blog with a bunch of vacation photos so take hold! Hopefully it’s not too much for everyone, I just wanted to share the experience with you guys, as I had the best time ever. The saddest thing out of this trip were the fact that we were missing two of our seven, Tamara and Jenn.

I can just remember the excitement I had when my work week finally ended and I had something so exciting to look forward to. My first ever international trip with my best friends. What an experience! Of course, buying flights within Canada is a bit expensive due to all these little extra taxes and all we have to pay so our trip was booked at Bellingham Airport just past the border, hardly an hour drive. Ana’s lovely boyfriend decided to be the willing victim to drive us over and the van was just packed with our luggage. Going over the border wasn’t all that bad either. It was rather funny because the border guard kept telling me how much he liked my hair. He was totally obsessed and wouldn’t be surprised if he was going to ask me out so we can brush each others hair! Anyways we arrived at the dinky airport of Bellingham and it was so tiny. It was hard to even take it seriously. Once we checked in and all the cameras came out right away. What can you expect?! Five cameras, five Asians. The camera out right away is a given!

My jet setting life led me to having to walk out and up to the airplane in cold weather while I’m sporting my denim shorts, for reals. The flight could have been a tad better due to the fact that we had these three little crazy white girls that had an IPOD dock playing their shitty music so loud in the seats in front of us. Well out of consideration of others, half way through the flight I had to politely ask them to “Shut the fuck up.” It worked and I was fine with that. We arrived in Vegas at around seven-thirty in the evening and we were eager to drop our stuff to the hotel room, do a bit of exploring and pigging out our faces. We stayed at Treasure Island, our room was quaint with two queen size beds, a beautiful vanity, flat screen TV and a washroom good enough for five of us. Our exploration led us to take the tram, do a quick walk through of The Forum Shops (the place is way too amazing!) and eating at The Cheesecake Factory. Dranks, over proportioned dinner and a whole lot of photo taking took place.

oh what did I pack? Two swim trunks, four pair of shorts, three shirts, three tanks, two pair of pants, personal needs and three pair of shoes. Did it last me well? Yes. My dear friend, Jasmeen, packed five bikinis and she was good. Just saying!

This was day two, the day that we completely lost track of time. It started off with Ana jumping on the bed Jasmeen and I were sleeping on. Girlfriend was crazy hyper, rubbing and rolling all over us. I’ve never had a wake up call like that ever but I love the bitch. We all had one plan that day and it was to dip into the pool! We all got ready, lotioned each other, sprayed each other, lathered each other and rolled out of our room. I was completely excited, only because I could finally bake in the sun and that was one of my goals on this vacation. Let me say, I was pretty self-conscious because everyone has this thought of perfection of how their body should be. I’m not muscular nor am I completely thin but you know when we all came out to the pool and I looked around, I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty god darn skinny when we got out there. We took dibs on some chairs, stripped, got some drinks and jumped into the pool. Having drinks as breakfast probably isn’t the best idea but that ended up being our breakfast and lunch. Blue Hawaiians and Margaritas with gummy worms. Also being heated in the sun doesn’t really help, so we all got a tad buzzed and drunk. As you can see in the photos we were having a great time, there was a DJ there that we kept requesting music from, Julie wiped out by the pool twice and that was completely funny. A lot of laughing and splashing within the group, it was just amazing. So amazing we lost track of time. When we finally decided that we were hungry and we trotted back to the room, we spent five to six hours at the pool and that’s how we got our tan on.

Jasmeen and I, ended up showering with each other. My first time showering with a buck naked chick, I had my trunks on and I’m not going to lie, there are photos and it’s too funny. After we all showered, a few us passed out half-naked, only in towels but you know what? That’s what’s so amazing about good friends is that we’re all overly comfortable with each other that no one gives a shit! Jasmeen passed out on the couch with her face in a half eaten sandwich, Ana was curled up in a ball with her bikini still on and Julie just all over the place. I had a bit of a nap but got out to only go to Walgreen and sneak into Barney’s. Which by the way was the biggest disappointment of the trip. Worst Barney’s I’ve been to yet. Anyways, Shelley and I got back to the room and everyone was still knocked out. I tried waking a few of them up, getting them water because a few of them felt sick and a bit heat stricken. We ended up going downstairs to eat Pho. Okay, I should have known better and I knew it wasn’t going to be great but I have never eaten such a horrible bowl of Pho ever! It was extremely disgusting and I could barely even feed it into my mouth. As I’m sitting there bitching about my bowl, the table next to us were complimenting how tasty it was. Oh God, I felt sorry for them!