An Eye On Fresh Design

by stephenpham

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Can I just mention how much I am excited for fall 2011 collections but at the moment, what season is actually approaching? I believe it’s called “spring.” I’ve been seeing plenty of hypes going on about the new up-coming season, it’s really lovely but I just don’t see the point in blogging about it because it’s very unrealistic. Sometimes I do wish shows were kept for editors to see and that the collections would be presented to the public when it was an appropriate time. I mean, you can’t exactly buy those pieces now so why even completely indulge in it? Just keep it to the buyers and shoppers calm down! Also, I don’t mind comments about Fall but if you didn’t attend the show, sit down.

It’s almost a complete given that I would like this collection in terms of colour story, silhouettes and of course, those amazing little slick back pompadours on the models. I don’t normally drool over the mens collection for Versace very often but I believe it has something to do with the new man in the design department for menswear Versace. The collection was translated through the vision of Martyn Bal. In Bal’s own words “He anticipated a new, younger customer, would see the appeal of his proposals.” It definitely has caught me! I find it very masculine and very boyish at the same time but any man to throw any of these pieces on would make him look very handsome. I’m pretty fond about a few things in this collection, to start with I love the smaller collars, I find it very fitting for the look. I would definitely pick up the white button-up shirt with the black panelling, very tuxedo-like. I’m not always crazy about fringe for men but the leather jacket is very well done with the fringe as it doesn’t feel overwhelming nor does it look subtle. It makes a perfect little statement. Okay, I know most guys love their polos and to be honest, I hate polo shirts but this polo shirt is so well done and cut, I love it. With the chest pockets and almost see through, shoulder and sleeve panelling it makes this shirt very sexy. For the leather pants? Sure, it could be sexy on some men but I think it should be kept for the boudoir in most cases. Nothing screams, “MELTING-SEXY-SIZZLING-AMAZING-LEATHER-JACKET” as this belted number does. Should we add a moan in there as well? I just love everything about that jacket. Nothing jolts me more than crazy psychedelic/graphic prints as these do. I love it in the crew neck sweater, the topper and as a blazer. Also, I love how the looks are generally styled, especially with the combo of a printed button-up shirt and a graphic sweater. Martyn Bal looks very promising to the label and I think it was about time for a refresh for Versace menswear.