Take Five: Up Yours

by stephenpham

photo by jace santos

photo by jace santos

*H&M Trend shirt
*H&M cardigan, toque & scarf
*Forever21 jeggings
*Gucci wallet
*Lanvin x H&M sunglasses
*Zara shoes

photos by jace santos

It’s been a pretty crazy season for me! Lot’s have been happening in such a short period of time but pretty significant. First and foremost, my house got robbed, broken into, invaded, jacked, whatever you want to call it but it happened. Last Monday after a crazy day at work and let me tell you, I wasn’t too happy at all. My mama had called me earlier and asked me why I had left the door open, my reply was “You’re crazy. Why would I do that?” So ten minutes after the call, I came home and found my lock jammed. I lit my phone onto the door and realized right away that the house got broken into. My mama yanked the door open, I told her straight up that the house was broken into, then ran into my room right away, knowing that my notebook was going to be gone but had to confirm the thought. So in the end the thieves got away with some jewelery, two laptops, my dads watch and some perfume.

Seriously though, how lame can you be? Let it be Christmas week or not, to invade someones house to steal goods and to hurt others indirectly is very disgusting. Whoever You are, you are degenerate filth and I hardly feel sorry for you. So you can go shave your back now. I am thankful that no one was hurt and that the items they took are replaceable, except for my dads watch but I’m back on track. I have a few things to post and the Christmas season is over. So things should be a bit more calm and collected, thank God.

I also spent Christmas with just my sister. It was really chill and it was nice that we got to hang out with each other. We had lunch, did some junk food shopping, popped in some movies and made dinner for both of us. I couldn’t ask for a more loving and caring sister. She made it her best to make the house feel festive for me. I love her!