Lanvin hearts H&M

by stephenpham

H&M x Lanvin

photo courtesy of FRANSTAR_

Survived the snow, the umbrella carrying, car sleeping, ground cuddling, washroom trips, oh and obviously the shopping. Was it worth it? Well lets see, this is what I got; the sunglasses, two bow-ties, a pair of shoes and a shirt that was secretly not existing for all shoppers. Also got the purple dress, black skirt with ruffles and rouge lipstick for my lovely sister as a gift. What I adored the most? The cute illustrations on the shoe dust bags and garment covers. The packaging was something I also was amused over, the little dust bag for the sunglasses, the boxes everything came in, the shopping bags and the giveaway goodie bag.

What do I think of collaborations? I’m basically a fan of it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fashion houses making designs more available to the public. It’s just honest, good exposure for them and for us, it just makes it great shopping. Yeah, the hype can be a bit annoying here and there but that’s almost the fun of it.

Watch out for LadyFranstar and I cause we be rockin’ our shades like you have something on us!