Radical Me

by stephenpham

photo by mitzi figueroa

photo by mitzi figueroa

photo by mitzi figueroa

*TNA sweater
*H&M Trend pants & ring
*H&M sunglasses
*Gucci wallet
*Obakki bag

photos by mitzi figueroa

I must admit that my colour palette is very grey. I’d love to say that grey is my favourite colour but it’s really a shade and anyone who truly knows me, knows that I have the most difficult time getting away from it. It’s rare when I enjoy a print for myself and when these pants appeared to me, I fell in love. It’s really a love it or hate it pair of pants and when I purchased it, a lot of people thought I was joking. Surprise! I got them and I’m going to rock them.

So lately I’ve had this obsession with fur. I love seeing it in the magazines, spreads, editorials and hangers. Recently, I purchased a recycled racoon fur scarf by Harricana and today I purchased a Mackage rabbit fur vest. I’m deeply in love with both but it isn’t cold enough in Vancouver to wear it yet. But I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty eager to stroll out of my house with the pieces on. I’m also trying to find a nice leopard piece for myself this season to wear, we’ll see.

Other than my shopaholic ways, my work life has been crazy and very different. My training is going well and it’s taking me all over the place. I don’t feel well rested and I’m trying to take everything in but work is work, right? How else will I support my shopping? Oh by way, itsgoodtobepham.COM