by stephenpham

photo by stephen galka

photo by stephen galka

photo by stephen galka

*Zara sweater
*Wilfred shirt
*H&M shorts & belt
*Surface to Air ring
*Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
*Obakki bag

photos by stephen galka

I’m sure you’re all staring at the bag wondering why it looks one bit familiar. The answer is, yes; it’s the bag you saw on” When I saw it featured on her blog, I thought to myself “Wow, that is a very sexy bag. I ought to see it up close and personal.” So a few days later I trotted to the Obakki store in Gastown and was more than just floored. I fell deeply in love with it. I couldn’t stop feeling it, trying it on my shoulder and sifting through the bag inside. I really wanted to buy it right there and then (that’s usually how my shopping goes) but I decided to sleep on it and really think about it. oh did I ever think about it – the bag would not disappear out of my mind for a little over two weeks.

After work one day, I wandered over to the Obakki store and thought I’d try on the bag again. After some mirror staring, deep thoughts and some trusted phone calls, I purchased the bag with a smile. When I walked out of the store, I felt so relieved to have finally bought it.

May I say, the weather here in Vancouver has drastically improved for the better. Alot more sun, a little bit of a breeze and a whole lot of baking being done. Vancouver folks are now sun-kissed with a tan. Finally weather we deserve and have been begging for.