24 Hours – Part Three

by stephenpham

After watching the sunrise at beach we decided to go for breakfast at IHOP. We were a tad early and had to kill some time. At this point, Sarah and I had to pee so bad. Of course, I had to not think about it. There was some uke playing, some singing, picture-taking and laughter.

Surprisingly we weren’t the first ones in and the first thing I did was run to the washroom. I have got to say, that it was really relieving. I never knew, and now know and this will rarely happen but if you go to IHOP between 6AM to 9AM there’s a two dollar breakfast menu if you order a drink. Well obviously we all ordered off the two dollar menu. The only thing I didn’t enjoy on my plate were my hashbrows. It was tasteless, gross, and ketchup didn’t even help it. If ketchup couldn’t make it any better, I don’t know what would. We talked a bit after breakfast, watched a bit of a show outside the window (CHU-KNOW-WHAT-IM-TALKING-ABOUT) then we toodled home. Basically when Sarah dropped me off to my house, I showered, knocked out and woke up at 1:30PM, it was lovely.

If you’re wondering what went down in the car, this is it.