24 Hours – Part Two

by stephenpham

The over night shift had definitely felt like it took forever but at times it felt like it was flying by. My only regret was not eating dinner. I wish I had stuffed my face because Jenn and I were horribly hungry. Thank God, one of the managers had cooked a huge bowl of noodles but honestly it wasn’t enough, I was still starving. Luckily the Tim Hortons (which at many times is a life saver) was open 24 hours and that was our midnight snack/lunch. It was so warm that night, it really surprised me. While we were eating out on the patio, we were witnessing this odd couple. It was just way to late to be out and they looked completely sneaky with their laptop out. We figured they were trying to pick up the wi-fi from the closed Starbucks. It was in general odd.

I think at some point of the night, we were getting a little bit crazy. I felt almost delusional but I lasted. We finished the work amazingly, oddly did half an hour over time and some of us were all kind of wide awake. When we walked out of the store it was 4:33AM and wow, the sun was peaking out! It was like I didn’t see night at all. Our adventure to Crescent Beach started off from there. We thought it’d be romantic if we all watched the sunrise (or in Sarah’s term – sunset) since some of us haven’t really seen it all. It was still pretty warm out by the waters, it was so quiet and calm that I really loved it. I came to the conclusion that a hustle and bustle of a city isn’t always how it should be and that getting away from all that is really good for one self. It’s also nice to get away from crowded places.

It was amazing when the sun started to peak out. The colours of the sky changed pretty fast once the suns out. Colours went from purple, blue, orange to white. Luckily, I had my sunglasses handy so I didn’t blind my eyes. Our plans of having breakfast was soon to stir.