24 Hours – Part One

by stephenpham

It’s been a very long, long wait for Vancouverites for the last few months. We have all been praying for amazing weather and luck was on our side. This week has been more than a miracle and hopefully for the rest of July will be exactly this. Stable with sun with the odd shower. Sometimes it’s really refreshing to get some rain in the city after days of heat. The city feels dirty and the air is stale and a quick little shower washes all that away!

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. Sarah, Jace, Jenn and I had originally plan for all of us to go rollerblading on the seawall. It’s great weather for it. Of course, sometimes plans don’t fall through with everyone so it was basically a date with Sarah. I believe the plan went like this…

10am leave to head out to downtown
11am be in downtown
12pm probably grab a quick bite and go to the rentals and all
3/4pm the latest to be back home to take a shower, have a power nap
6pm go out to South Surrey for work

Oh, I forgot to mention we all had an overnight shift 7pm till 4am. Sarah and I weren’t exactly running on the schedule we’d like to be on. We got into downtown by 12, decided to go have brunch at White Spot. May I say, my club house sandwich was absolutely amazing and it was also irritating to hear the booth behind Sarah complaining to the manager about how they didn’t want to pay $15 for the salad they ate. Who do people think they are now-a-days?!

After brunch, we trotted over Future Shop so I can get a new memory card for my camera. Then I decided to walk to a bus stop that didn’t exist with the bus I thought would stop there. Waited for the bus full of icky sticky high school kids on their way to the beach. Got off the bus, rented our blades and wow, it was amazing. Sarah hasn’t gone rollerblading in five years and for me, it’s been two years. So it was absolutely amusing, I’m sure, to have watched us roll out of the rental shop. We basically rolled down the street, laughing uncontrollably, with others asking if we needed help but couldn’t exactly stop to say yes.

It took us about an hour and ten minutes or so to go around the sea wall. That’s with water breaks, stop to take sweaty photos and to sit our fat butts. It felt really amazing, it was the perfect day to do it and I wanted to Rollerblade so bad last summer and didn’t end up doing so. I hope this will be an ongoing thing for this summer. We fetched some Arizona teas (because this bubble tea place wouldn’t take my order or acknowledge that we were waiting there for five minutes to give our orders, so we walked away) Walked up Robson St which is up hill to the skytrains station because there was no way in hell was I waiting for a bus full of people not to stop. This is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves of the summer. The skytrain full of sweaty, sticky, not-so-pretty-smelling people. On top of that it’s stuffy as hell inside. We got back home at five, had fourty minutes to get ready, no power nap (though I did close my eyes on the train) and headed off for work.