Spring Forward

by stephenpham

photo by mitzi figueroa

photo by mitzi figueroa

photo by mitzi figueroa

*Forever21 sweater
*H&M Trend jeans
*Zara hat
*Pyrrah necklace & own
*Prada clutch

photos by mitzi figueroa

Probaly the only tragic thing I feel about spring, is losing that one hour of sleep when you forward your clock an hour for daylight savings. But some of the benefits are getting off of work and the sun is still out, another season of fashion coming into the stores, watching the sun set later and sunglasses. This is probaly one of the prettiest seasons in Vancouver (fall would be my other favourite.) The grass is greener, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, flowers are budding and the birds are returning. I sound like a complete tree-hugger but you can’t help but enjoy strolling through a garden and spring forward!

Even though it’s a tad warmer, I feel like it’s no reason to strip yourself into… uglier things. I’ve seen some tragedies on the streets. Some scary combinations i’ve seen so far are camouflage shorts with plaid button downs and probaly the worst, velour track suits with Ugg boots. Whhhyyyy?!