Drifted Ashore

by stephenpham

photo by mitzi figueroa

photo by mitzi figueroa

*H&M Trend shirt
*Cheap Monday jeans
*H&M toque & scarf
*Surface To Air ring

photos by mitzi figueroa

I know, I know, my updates have been a bit slow and I apologize. Mitzi & I have been trying to get back on track after a few weeks of craziness. So don’t worry, I’m still alive and working it out!

This shoot felt a bit personal, in a way where I reminiscenced the struggle and frustration I had but the satisfaction of the blazer I made in twelfth grade. It was the first real garment I have ever sewed. A major project I had to do in sewing class and yes, I was the only male in the class. I remember being excited for the project but also unsure on how the outcome was going to end up like. I definatly was picky about my fabric choice. I think I went through three fabric stores before finding a wool tweed I was pleased about and just to make it a bit more fun, I picked a purple lining. I only wished I chose a brighter purple now whenever I look at it. I’ve made two other blazers since then and till this day, I feel like the most frustrating part of sewing a blazer or jacket is setting in the sleeve and sewing it. It’s the one and only part that makes me sweat when sewing (ew). After all that work of placing your patterns, cutting, piecing everything together, the frustrating sleeves, hand sewing the buttons on, comes the end. Through all that hard work, I remember how satisfying it was to try on the blazer and to think “Dang girl, I made this!”