Olympic Hangover

by stephenpham

photo by mitzi figueroa

photo by mitzi figueroa

*H&M Trend tank & rings
*Wilfred jumper
*Filippa K & H&M button down sweater
*Salvatore Ferragamo tote bag

photos by mitzi figueroa

It’s funny how emotions and thoughts can change so fast. What I thought I was going to hate, instead I fell in love with. It really dawned on me that I should’ve just embrace this moment in time, that my city, Vancouver is hosting the Olympics. It’s here and theres really no stopping it. What also changed my mind about the Olympics were the smiles I saw and the patriotism that Canadians don’t usually show but you know it’s in their hearts. It was a wave of red and white. What was also beautiful, were countries becoming one, competing in sports but in the end having good sportsmenship about the wins and loses.

In these moments witnessing Canadians win gold; I have never been so proud of my nation before; nor on edge so much. I have never made such efforts to watch hockey before, as I’m not a sports fanatic. Nor did I ever wanted to watch so much sports in my life. But I believed in our athletes, that they can win whatever medal they wished. There were some sad times but in moments of grief there was also glory.

To all the atheletes that attended the Olympics here in Vancouver, I want to congratulate and thank you. You are all winners. YOU were here. It doesn’t matter, in the end, if you left with or without a medal but your courage and motivation have inspired many, even myself.